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Tamarindus Indica cv. Srichompoo - 10 Seeds - Sweet Tamarind

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Sweet Tamarind Tree
 Tamarindus Indica cv. 'Srichompoo'

10 Seeds

The Tamarind Tree is originally  a native to Africa, but is now mainly grown in cultivation in India and Thailand. India produces the sour variety and Thailand produces the sweet variety.

This is the 'Srichompoo' cultivar from Thailand and produces sweet fruits tasting similar to a Date and an Apple mixed!

Tamarind trees take around 10 years to reach maturity, and can keep fruiting for as long as 60 years.

It has pinnate, Mimosa like leaves, with many 'leaflets' per leaf, and can grow up to 20m tall in ideal conditions, although kept in a small pot, would make an interesting bonsai! although will require somewhere warm such as a greenhouse to grow successfully.

Tamarinds are used in a variety of culinary dishes and can be used in sweets and puddings, savory dishes or eaten fresh!