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Squash Turkish (Turks) Turban - 20 Seeds - Cucurbita Maxima - Gourd

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Squash Turkish (Turks) Turban
Cucurbita Maxima

20 Seeds

Turkish Turban squash is notable for the turban-like cap at one end and bright colours, ranging from orange to white and green and often displaying all on a single squash.

Typically around 30-40cm in diameter and weighing around 2kg when mature. Flesh is orange and somewhat stringy, with a mild flavour somewhat similar to hazelnuts. Perfect for baking, steaming or roasting, but can also be kept as an ornamental. Can be stored in cool dry conditions over the following winter.

The vines it grows on can reach up to 3m in length.

Reaches maturity in around 80-90 days.