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Solanum Sessiliflorum - 25 Seeds - Peach Tomato or Cocona

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Solanum Sessiliflorum
Peach Tomato or the Cocona

25 Seeds

Also known as the Peach Tomato or the Cocona, the Solanum Sessiliflorum is native to South American river regions. Notable for looking similar to the naranjilla, the unripe fruits are hairy, and said to taste like a cross between lemons and tomatoes.

The shrubs grow to a height of 1.8m, with hairy leaves that look similar to the naranjilla plant. Leaves can reach up to 45cm long. Green-yellow flowers bloom in clusters up to 2.5cm wide.

The fruits can be eaten raw or cooked, though it is typically not recommended for raw eating and can instead be peeled and made into jams, jellies, sauces and more.

Prefers well draining soil to thrive, and partial shade when young plants. A fast grower, first fruits may be produced within the first year from seed. Fruits grow to up to 10cm in diameter.

Frost tender down to 5°C.