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Radish 'Daikon' - 300 Seeds - Raphanus Sativus ssp Longipinnatus

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Radish 'Daikon' - Raphanus Sativus ssp Longipinnatus

300 Seeds

Also known as Mooli, this radish is native to East Asia and commonly eaten in a wide variety of dishes.

The skin and flesh of roots are white, reaching up to 30cm long (and longer!) with a diameter of up to 8cm. The flavour is similar to traditional red radish, though a little milder, with a good crunchy texture, and Daikon can be eaten cooked or raw to enjoy across dishes.

The leaves are also edible, best cooked, growing in rosettes and moderately toothed, reaching up to 15cm long.

Sow in late summer for early to mid- autumn harvest. Matures in around 60-70 days.