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Mangel Wurzel - Mammoth Long Red - 50 Seeds - Beta Vulgaris

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Mangel Wurzel - Mammoth Long Red
Beta Vulgaris

50 Seeds

Developed in the 18th century, the Mangelwurzel is also known as the Mangold, the Yellowbeet or Manglebeet. Originally developed as cattle fodder, it has been widely used in the kitchen since the 20th century. Both the leaves and the root can be eaten, and have a similar flavour to beetroot, though sweeter as the plant contains up to 20% sugar content. May not be suitable for diabetic consumption.

Both leaves and roots taste better when harvested young.

The size and shape of the root are highly variable, but the root is most typically conical in shape, and can reach up to sizes of 30cm and weights of 5kg or more!

The widest part of the root pokes up to 10cm above ground. Heart shaped leaves grow on celery-shaped stalks. Flowers appear after the first year of growth in spring, green and clustered in panicles.

Half hardy down to -5°C.