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Euterpe Oleracea - 5 Seeds - Açai Palm

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Euterpe Oleracea - Açai Palm

5 Seeds

Native in the eastern Amazon rainforest, particularly Brazil, this tall tree can reach up to 25m and taller. The trunks can reach up to 15cm in diameter, grey and smooth. Leaf fronts are feather-like, up to 3m long with leaflets 50cm long. Inflorescences are cream-white, growing in bushy clumps up to 1m long below the leaves.

The fruits, known as the Açai berry, grow clustered along the flower stems. Only around 1cm and purple-black, they are popular the world over and can be eaten raw, or turned into juices and other beverages, with a somewhat tart but earthy taste. Rich in antioxidants, they have also been used medicinally to treat a variety of issues including fevers, wounds and gut issues. Please contact a GP before using medicinally.

Extremely frost tender, keep above 10°C at all times!