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Arctium Minus - 50 Seeds - Lesser Burdock Medicinal

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Arctium Minus - Lesser Burdock
(Arctium Lappa ssp. Minus)

50 Seeds

Native to Europe, this biennial reaches up to around 1.8m tall with large leaves that are hairy on the underside.

Leaves are dark green, around 50cm long, ovate in shape. Young leaf and flower stalks can be eaten raw or cooked, and the root can be roasted and used as a coffee substitute.

Purple-pink flowers appear from mid summer to mid autumn months, with hooked bracts that attach easily to animals and clothing. Flowers reach up to around 2cm in diameter, growing in short-stemmed racemes.

As well as being edible, the plant is used medicinally to treat and wide range of health problems including skin issues, for hair growth, and as a diuretic among other things. Please seek the advice of a GP before using medicinally.

Hardy down to -10°C.