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Vegetable and Fruit Seeds

Get growing for food! Vegetables, fruits, and unusual edibles.

To make things easier, SOME varieties we have several variations of, have been placed in their own category below, not everything is included in these categories! Have a search through the list in this category for everything we stock!

Vegetable and Fruit Seeds

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Chili Bellingrath Gardens - 50 Seeds - Pepper Capsicum annuum

Chili Bellingrath Gardens - Pepper Capsicum annuum50 SeedsAn unusual ornamental though edible pepper..


Carrot Parisian - 2500 Seeds - Heirloom cultivar

Carrot - Parisian - Heirloom cultivar(Daucus Carota ssp Sativus)2500 SeedsUnusual in their shape, Pa..


Tomato Black Truffle - 100 Seeds - Heirloom Variety

Tomato Black Truffle - Heirloom Variety(Lycoperscion Esculentum)100 SeedsBlack Truffle, is a medium ..


Squash Galeux d'Eysines - 10 Seeds - Curcubita Maxima

Squash Galeux d'EysinesCurcubita Maxima10 SeedsGaleuse d'Eysines Squash is a large sized and is slig..


Diospyros Virginia - 10 Seeds - American Persimmon Sharon Fruit

Diospyros Virginia - American Persimmon / Sharon Fruit10 SeedsDiospyros Virginia is a small tree, na..


Lettuce - Emerald Green Oak Leaf - 2000 Seeds - Lactuca sativa

Lettuce - Emerald Green Oak Leaf - Lactuca sativa2000 SeedsOak Leaf is a loose-leaf lettuce, it has ..


Passiflora Edulis - 25 Seeds - Passion Flower Fruit

Passiflora EdulisPassion Flower - Passion Fruit25 SeedsA Brazilian native, Passiflora Edulis is a vi..


Carpobrotus Rossii - 50 Seeds - Australian Succulent Ice Plant / Pigface Mesemb

Carpobrotus RossiiAustralian Succulent Ice Plant / Pigface Mesemb50 SeedsCarpobrotus Rossii is a suc..


SWEET Tamarind Seeds - Tamarindus Indica cv. Srichompoo SWEET Tamarind Seeds - Tamarindus Indica cv. Srichompoo

SWEET Tamarind Tree Tamarindus Indica cv. 'Srichompoo'10 SeedsThe Tamarind Tree is originally&n..


Actinidia Kolomikta - 50 Seeds - Kolomikta Variegated Kiwi Vine

Actinidia Kolomikta - Kolomikta Kiwi Vine50 SeedsActinidia kolomikta is a native to temperate forest..


Taxus Baccata - 25 Seeds - English Yew Tree

Taxus Baccata - English Yew25 SeedsTaxus Baccata is a conifer native to western, central and souther..


Physalis Peruviana - 100 Seeds - Cape Gooseberry Chinese Lantern Physalis Peruviana - 100 Seeds - Cape Gooseberry Chinese Lantern

Physalis Peruviana - Cape Gooseberry100 SeedsPhysalis Peruviana is the commonly known plant producin..


Decaisnea Fargesii Seeds - Blue Sausage Tree

Decaisnea Fargesii - Blue Sausage Tree10 SeedsDecaisnea Fargesii, more commonly known as the "Blue S..


Coffea Arabica - 100 Seeds - Coffee Bean Plant

Coffea Arabica - Coffee Bean Plant100 SeedsGrow Your Own Coffee!'Coffea Arabica' coffee plant is ori..


Aronia Melanocarpa - 250 Seeds - Black Chokeberry

Aronia Melanocarpa - Black Chokeberry250 SeedsAronia Melanocarpa is a deciduous shrub native to east..


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