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Vegetable and Fruit Seeds

Get growing for food! Vegetables, fruits, and unusual edibles.

To make things easier, SOME varieties we have several variations of, have been placed in their own category below, not everything is included in these categories! Have a search through the list in this category for everything we stock!

Vegetable and Fruit Seeds

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Tomato - Black From Tula - 50 Seeds - Heirloom Cultivar

Tomato Black From Tula (Lycoperscion Esculentum)50 SeedsA Russian heirloom, the Black From Tula vari..


Tomato Giant Belgian Pink - 50 Seeds - Heirloom Cultivar

Tomato Seeds - Belgian PinkHeirloom Cultivar(Lycopersicon Esculentum)50 SeedsBelgian Pink heirloom t..


Celeriac 'Prague Giant' - 2000 Seeds - Tasty Vegetable!

Celeriac 'Prague Giant' - Tasty Vegetable!Apium graveolens2000 SeedsThe flesh of Celeriac has a text..


Annona Squamosa - 20 Seeds - Soursop Custard Sugar Apple

Annona Squamosa - 20 Seeds - Soursop Custard Sugar Apple20 SeedsAnnona Squamosa is a small, multi br..


Chili Pepper 'Fish' - 50 Seeds - Variegated Chili Pepper Capsicum annuum

Variegated Chili - 'Fish'Super Hot and Unusual!!30 SeedsA great ornamental and culinary plant, the F..


Galia Melon - 100 Seeds - Cucumis Melo

Galia Melon - 100 Seeds - Cucumis melo100 SeedsGalia Melon is a cultivar of Cucumis melo, producing ..


Aronia Melanocarpa - 25 Seeds - Black Chokeberry

Aronia Melanocarpa - Black Chokeberry25 SeedsAronia Melanocarpa is a deciduous shrub native to easte..


Actinidia Kolomikta - 50 Seeds - Kolomikta Variegated Kiwi Vine

Actinidia Kolomikta - Kolomikta Kiwi Vine50 SeedsActinidia kolomikta is a native to temperate forest..


Hops Plant Humulus Lupulus - 50 Seeds - The Brewing beer plant!

Humulus Lupulus - Hops PlantThe Beer Brewing Plant!50 SeedsThe exact origins of this plant are unkno..


Tomato - Druzba - 50 Seeds - Heirloom Cultivar

Tomato Druzba(Lycoperscio n Esculentum)50 SeedsA Bulgarian heirloom, the word ‘druzba’ means ‘friend..


Chenopodium Giganteum - 500 Seeds - Tree Spinach / Magenta Spreen

Chenopodium GiganteumTree Spinach / Magentaspreen500 SeedsChenopodium Giganteum is a annual plant na..


Viburnum Lantanoides ( Alnifolium ) - 15 Seeds - Alder Leaved Witch Hobble Bush

Viburnum Lantanoides ( Alnifolium )Alder Leaved Witch Hobble Bush15 SeedsViburnum Lantanoides, previ..


Punica Granatum 30 Seeds - Pomegranate Exotic Fruit!

Punica GranatumPomegranate30 SeedsNative to the India/Iran/Himalaya region, this popular fruit beari..


Pseudocydonia Sinensis - 20 Seeds - Chinese Quince Pseudocydonia Sinensis - 20 Seeds - Chinese Quince

Pseudocydonia Sinensis - Chinese Quince20 SeedsPseudocydonia Sinensis is a small tree native to Chin..


Morus Nigra - 50 Seeds - Black Mulberry

Morus Nigra - Black Mulberry50 SeedsA round forming tree, its native origins unknown, with toothed, ..


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