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Vegetable and Fruit Seeds

Get growing for food! Vegetables, fruits, and unusual edibles.

To make things easier, SOME varieties we have several variations of, have been placed in their own category below, not everything is included in these categories! Have a search through the list in this category for everything we stock!

Vegetable and Fruit Seeds

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New Zealand Spinach - 500 Seeds - Tetragonia Tetragonioides - Warrigal Greens

New Zealand Spinach - Tetragonia Tetragonioides - Warrigal Greens 500 SeedsNative to eastern As..


Super Sweet Sweetcorn F1 White Lady - 100 Seeds - Zea Mays var. Saccharata

Super Sweet Sweetcorn F1 'White Lady'Zea Mays var. Saccharata100 SeedsThis striking sweetcorn, consi..


Perilla Frutescens - 300 Seeds - Shiso Red

Perilla Frutescens - Shiso Red300 SeedsEndemic to Southeast Asia, particularly Japan, China and Kore..


Radish 'Daikon' - 300 Seeds - Raphanus Sativus ssp Longipinnatus

Radish 'Daikon' - Raphanus Sativus ssp Longipinnatus300 SeedsAlso known as Mooli, this radish is nat..


Watermelon - Sugar Baby - 40 Seeds - Heirloom Citrullus Lanatus

Watermelon 'Sugar Baby' - Citrullus lanatus40 SeedsWatermelon is a scrambling vine-like plant origin..


Rocket - Scorpion - 5000 Seeds - Diplotaxis Erucoides - Leafy Salad Herb

Rocket 'Scorpion'Diplotaxis Erucoides5000 SeedsAn annual native to the west Mediterranean, but found..


Arctium Minus - 50 Seeds - Lesser Burdock Medicinal

Arctium Minus - Lesser Burdock(Arctium Lappa ssp. Minus)50 SeedsNative to Europe, this biennial reac..


Lycium Barbarum - 250 Seeds - Goji Berry Wolfberry

Lycium Barbarum - Goji Berry Wolfberry250 SeedsLycium Barbarum is a deciduous woody perennial plant,..


Annona Squamosa - 20 Seeds - Soursop Custard Sugar Apple

Annona Squamosa - 20 Seeds - Soursop Custard Sugar Apple20 SeedsAnnona Squamosa is a small, multi br..


Coffea Arabica - 100 Seeds - 'Costa Rica 95' Coffee Bean Plant

Coffea Arabica 'Costa Rica 95' - Coffee Bean Plant100 SeedsGrow Your Own Coffee!'Coffea Arabica' cof..


Cyphomandra Betacea - 20 Seeds - Tree Tomato Tamarillo Tropical Fruit

Cyphomandra Betacea - Tree Tomato / Tamarillo20 SeedsA  native to Peru, the Tamarillo is a smal..


Squash Turkish (Turks) Turban - 20 Seeds - Cucurbita Maxima - Gourd

Squash Turkish (Turks) TurbanCucurbita Maxima20 SeedsTurkish Turban squash is notable for the turban..


Mangel Wurzel - Mammoth Long Red - 50 Seeds - Beta Vulgaris

Mangel Wurzel - Mammoth Long RedBeta Vulgaris50 SeedsDeveloped in the 18th century, the Mangelwurzel..


Sorrel De Belville - 1500 Seeds - Rumex Acetosa

Sorrel De Belville - Rumex Acetosa1500 SeedsSorrel is a herb-vegetable as it can be cooked like a ve..


Pea Petit Pois 'Petit Provencal' - 200 Seeds - Pisum Sativum

Petit Pois Pea 'Petit Provencal' - Pisum Sativum200 SeedsAnnuals that have been used since Antiquity..


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