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Vegetable and Fruit Seeds

Get growing for food! Vegetables, fruits, and unusual edibles.

To make things easier, SOME varieties we have several variations of, have been placed in their own category below, not everything is included in these categories! Have a search through the list in this category for everything we stock!

Vegetable and Fruit Seeds

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Beta Vulgaris ssp. Cicla - 250 Seeds - Swiss Chard Bull's Blood

Beta Vulgaris ssp. Cicla - Swiss Chard Bull's Blood250 SeedsAn important crop vegetable native acros..


Sorrel Red Veined - 500 Seeds - Rumex Acetosa

Sorrel Red Veined - Rumex Acetosa500 SeedsSorrel is a herb-vegetable as it can be cooked like a vege..


Tomato - Black Cherry - 100 Seeds

Black Cherry TomatoLycopersicon esculentum100 SeedsThis variety of Tomatoes produced  masses of..


Hops Plant Humulus Lupulus - 50 Seeds - The Brewing beer plant!

Humulus Lupulus - Hops PlantThe Beer Brewing Plant!50 SeedsThe exact origins of this plant are unkno..


Chili - Red Birds Eye - 50 Seeds - Super Hot Chilli !!

Birds Eye Chili - Super Hot  Chili !!50 SeedsAnother one of the hottest standard Chilis, Birds ..


Solanum Sessiliflorum - 25 Seeds - Peach Tomato or Cocona

Solanum SessiliflorumPeach Tomato or the Cocona25 SeedsAlso known as the Peach Tomato or the Cocona,..


Radish 'Albena' - 500 Seeds - Raphanus Sativus

Radish 'Albena'Raphanus sativus500 SeedsThis variety of Radish (Raphanus sativus) is of Chinese orig..


Sweet Tamarind Seeds - Tamarindus Indica cv. Srichompoo Sweet Tamarind Seeds - Tamarindus Indica cv. Srichompoo

Sweet Tamarind Tree Tamarindus Indica cv. 'Srichompoo'10 SeedsThe Tamarind Tree is originally&n..


Pak Choi Rubi F1 - 500 Seeds - Chinese Vegetable

Pak Choi - Rubi F1(Brassica Rapa v Chinensis)500 SeedsA rather splendid looking Pak Choi, Rubi F1,&n..


Zucchini / Courgette Black Beauty - 100 Seeds - Cucurbita Pepo

Zucchini / Courgette 'Black Beauty'Cucurbita Pepo100 SeedsKnown as a zucchini in North America or as..


Chenopodium Giganteum - 500 Seeds - Tree Spinach / Magenta Spreen

Chenopodium GiganteumTree Spinach / Magentaspreen500 SeedsChenopodium Giganteum is a annual plant na..


Beetroot Albina Ice - 100 Seeds - Beta Vulgaris

Beetroot Albina Ice - Beta Vulgaris100 SeedsBeta Vulgaris subsp. vulgaris, also known as the beetr..


Glycyrrhiza Glabra - 25 Seeds - Liquorice - Medicinal Plant

Glycyrrhiza GlabraLiquorice - Medicinal Plant !25 SeedsNative to Southern Europe the Liquorice plant..


Okra - Bhindi / Lady's Fingers - 100 Seeds - Abelmoschus Esculentus

Okra - Lady's Fingers(Abelmoschus Esculentus)100 seedsGrowing to around 1.5 to 2 meters high, will p..


Bright and Spicy Salad Mix - 1000 Seeds - A good mixture of Brassica Bright and Spicy Salad Mix - 1000 Seeds - A good mixture of Brassica

Bright and Spicy Salad Mix1000  SeedsA good mixture of Brassica seeds including Pak Choi, Musta..


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