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Vaccinium Arboreum - 30 Seeds - Sparkleberry / Farkleberry

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Vaccinium Arboreum - Sparkleberry / Farkleberry

30 Seeds

Vaccinium Arboreum is a native to the south eastern states of USA, a large shrub growing 3 to 5 meters tall.

Evergreen when grown in warm climates, but deciduous in cooler climates during winter. Leaves are mid/dark green around 5 - 7 cm long with a finely toothed margin.

Flowers are small, 5mm or so, bell shaped and are produced in racemes, followed by small berries, green at first, ripening to black, edible but slightly astringent but with a pleasant flavour.

Prefers an acidic soil, Erricaceous compost should be used.

Hardy to -15°C