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Coccinia Grandis - 10 Seeds - Scarlet Ivy Gourd

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Coccinia Grandis - Scarlet Ivy Gourd

10 Seeds

Commonly found growing in south India, its native range extends across Africa and tropical Asia. A climber, it can reach up to 20m long and typically covers other plants in its natural habitat. Leaves are broad and ovate, 5-loved and around 10cm long. Dioecious flowers are star shaped, white, and have 5 petals.

The fruit reaches up to 7cm long, ovoid in shape, and bright red. Comparable to bitter melon, the fruit is considered best when cooked, though can be consumed raw. The leaves and young shoots are also edible.

Frost tender and should be grown under a greenhouse in temperate climates. Keep above 5°C.