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Tropaeolum Peregrinum - 50 Seeds - Canary Creeper Flower Nasturtium

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Tropaeolum Peregrinum
 Canary Creeper Nasturtium

50 Seeds

Known as the Canary Creeper or the Canary-bird vine for its beautiful flowers, this vine is native to South America.

Reaching up to 3.5m tall and 1.2m in spread, this climber scrambles over other plants to get closer to the sun.

Best grown over a trellis to prevent choking out other plants.

Leaves are palm-shaped, around 5cm wide, and flowers are a bright yellow, around 4cm. The petals appear like yellow canaries taking flight, giving the plant its common name.

Like other plants in the nasturtium family, leaves are edible, with a peppery taste.

Enjoys full sun, with a well draining soil.

Frost tender and should be kept at around 20°C to thrive.