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Prunus Laurocerasus - 20 Seeds - Cherry Laurel

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Prunus Laurocerasus - Cherry Laurel

20 Seeds

Native to regions bordering the Black Sea, Prunus Laurocerasus has become naturalised in the United Kingdom and United States in particular, used primarily for its foliage as ornamental hedging.

Reaching between 4-8m tall, this fast growing shrub can easily spread over 8m. Leaves can reach up to 30cm long and 10cm wide and are highly attractive, dark green in colour, leathery and shiny, with a finely serrated margin. Small white flowers, around 1cm across, grow on spiked racemes up to 15cm long from early spring, sweetly scented.

Please note leaves and fruit are toxic and should not be ingested.

Fully hardy down to -15°C.