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Gleditsia Triacanthos - 25 Seeds - Honey Locust Tree

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Gleditsia Triacanthos
Honey Locust Tree

25 Seeds

Native to eastern North America, this long-lived tree has beautiful ferny leaves that turn golden during autumn months, making them a beautiful addition to the garden.

Reaching up to 20m tall with a trunk of around 15m in diameter when mature, it has pinnate leaves which change colour with the seaons, starting as bright yellow during the spring, turning light green during summer months, and returning to golden-yellow in the autumn. Leaves can reach up to 35cm long. The trunk is grey-brown, and grows clusters of thorns reaching up to 15cm long. Thorns become harder the older they are, but care should be taken around them at all times.

Flowers bloom during summer, appearing as catkins, green and highly fragrant. Fruits are crescent shaped pods, reaching up to 30-40cm long. Seeds can be roasted and ground to produce a coffee substitute, and fruit pulp is said to taste like banana liquor.  Historically, the pods have been used medicinally as an antiseptic and to treat indigestion, catarrh and other complaints.

Please contact a GP before using in a medicinal context.

Requires full sun and a well draining soil.

Fully hardy down to -15°C.