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Cercidiphyllum Japonicum - 25 Seeds - Japanese Katsura Tree / Caramel Tree

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Cercidiphyllum Japonicum
Japanese Katsura Tree / Caramel Tree

25 Seeds

Cercidiphyllum Japonicum is a species of flowering tree native to China and Japan, known in Japan as the Katsura, though sometimes called the Caramel Tree, due to the sweet smell it produces during leaf fall.

Broadly columnar in shape, it has unusual jade green, almost circular, heart shaped leaves with a serrated margin, turning to shades of yellows and pink during autumn leaf fall.

Inconspicuous flowers are produced in early spring among the opening leaves, with male and female flowers on separate plants.

Grows to a heigh of between 10 and 15 meters tall, though can be found growing up to 30 meters.

Fully hardy to -15°C and under.