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Butea Monosperma - 10 Seeds - Flame of the Forest Tree - Bastard Teak

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Butea Monosperma
Flame of the Forest Tree - Bastard Teak

10 Seeds

Reaching up to between 5 and 15m tall, this small tree is known as Flame Of The Forest for its striking orange flowers.

Native to India and Sri Lanka, this tree has pinnate, leathery leaves around 15cm long. Flowers are a bright orange-red, about 3cm long, that grow in racemes. Petals recurve backwards, making the whole infloresence look like flames being produced from the tree.

Considered sacred by Hindus, the flowers are used to make bright pigments for the Holi holiday, and all parts of the tree are used as medicine for complaints rainging from skin allergies to fertility to arthritis.

Please contact a GP before using in a medicinal context.

Frost tender and should not be kept below 5°C.