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Adansonia Digitata - 10 Seeds - Upside Down Baobab Tree

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Adansonia Digitata  - Upside Down Baobab Tree - Excelent Bonsai Subject!

10 Seeds

This very special tree is found across the African continent. It is also known as the 'Upside Down Tree' due to the fact that its branches appear at the top of the tree and with the swollen trunk make it appear as if the roots are sticking in the air instead of the branches!

A specimen in Limpopo Province, South Africa, often considered the largest example alive, has a circumference of 47 meters and an average trunk diameter of 15 meters.

Carbon dating has been used to estimate age of the specimen’s at around 6000 years!

An excellent subject for bonsai growers.

Keep dry in winter, minimum temperatures 5°C