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Toona Sinensis - 20 Seeds - Chinese Mahogany or Chinese Cedar

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Toona Sinensis - Chinese Mahogany or Chinese Cedar

20 Seeds

Also known as Chinese mahogany or Chinese cedar, the Toona Sinensisis native to eastern  and southeastern Asia, through China and as far along as Indonesia.

A deciduous tree, it can reach up to 20m tall and up to 8m in spread. A fast grower, it is an attractive tree with attractive featheredleaves and attractively scented white flowers that grow in dense panicles up to 50cm long from July onwards.

Every part of the tree is highly aromatic and branches are often burnt in Asian temples as incense. Its fruit and leaves are also edible; young shoots are said to taste similar to onions and is most often boiled beforconsumption, and the leaves can be brewed as a tea. Younger, redder leaves are considered to have better flavour than older leaves.

As a true mahogany, the wood is hard and an attractive reddish colour, used most often in furniture making.

Toona Sinensis thrives in rich but well draining soil and full sun. A fast grower and a great addition to any garden.

Fully hardy down to -20°C.