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Tilia Platyphyllos - 30 Seeds - Large-Leaved Lime / Large-Leaved Linden

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Tilia Platyphyllos
Large-Leaved Lime / Large-Leaved Linden

30 Seeds

Native to the south-eastern British Isles and parts of Europe, Tilia can reach heights of up to 40m, with a dark grey bark with many vertical fissures. Its leaves are heart-shaped, sharply serrated, with white hairs on the underside. Leaves are alternately arranged, and between 5-10cm in size.

The large-leaved lime bears hermaphroditic flowers, green-yellow in colour, with obvately shaped bracts and many stamens, hanging in clusters of up to 10 flowers.

The tree is highly attractive to aphids and their predators, all of which often cover the tree in honeydew. The tree is used for carving, fodder, and firewood, as well as being used to treat medical conditions including intestinal disorders and topical applications. Please contact a GP before using in a medical context.

Fully hardy down to -15°C.