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Swainsona Formosa - 10 Seeds - Sturt's Desert Pea

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Swainsona Formosa - Sturt's Desert Pea

10 Seeds

Better known as Sturt's Desert Pea, this showy annual is native to central and north-western Australian, and one of Australia's best known wildflowers.

Producing creeping stems up to 2m long, it has grey-green leaves, oval shaped, arranged spirally along the stems. Leaves are slightly hairy, around 3-4cm in length.

The showy flowers, around 9cm long, are bright red, growing in clusters of 5-7 flowers on vertical stalks that grow along the main stem. Flowers have four petals that grow in an arrowhead-like shape, with a black shiny 'boss' in the center. Blooms appear from spring to summer.

Requires a well draining soil mixture, and full sunlight to thrive.

Established plants can tolerate a light frost for short periods of time. Otherwise treat as frost sensitive and keep above 5°C.