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Bijlia (Cana) Dilatata - 15 Seeds - Mesembryanthemum

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Bijlia (Cana) Dilatata - 15 Seeds - Mesembryanthemum

15 Seeds

Native to just a few sites in South Africa, this succulent can reach up to 12cm in height and spread, growing in rosettes that form mats. Leaves are short and club-shaped, grey-green in colour, growing in short clusters. The leaves are unevenly shaped, somewhat triangular or cylindrical, around 5cm long and smooth. They widen to around 25mm before they taper to a tip.

Flowers appear from the center of the rosettes during autumn months and can continue blooming through the winter. Flowers are bright yellow, daisy-like, up to 3cm in diameter.

Half hardy down to around -2°C.