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Aloe Striata - 10 Seeds - Coral Aloe

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Aloe Striata - Coral Aloe

10 Seeds

Aloe Striata, commonly known as the Coral Aloe, is a small, stemless succulent native to South Africa. It is found on rocky slopes in coastal or karoo areas. “Striata", means "stripes", and refers to the long lines (sometimes very faint) on its blue-green leaves. The leaves of this Aloe are not toothed, but have a smooth pink margin.

It can tolerate a degree of aridity, and prefers full sun and very well-drained soils. It is relatively easy to cultivate under a wide variety of conditions provided it is planted in a well-drained situation in full sun and given adequate water but not over-watered.

Grows to a height of around 25 cm and a diameter of around 45 cm.

Frost hardy to -5°C IF kept dryer in winter.