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Agave (Filifera) Schidigera 'White Stripe' - 50 Seeds – Maguey Blanco

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Agave (Filifera) Schidigera 'White Stripe'
Maguey Blanco

50 Seeds

Native to central Mexico, this Agave has long, thin leaves that grow in a stiff rosette, best known for the white filaments that grow from the leaf edges. The 'White Stripe' variety has noticable stripes of white colouring the leaves.

The leaves are fleshy, reaching up to 60cm long each, dark green in colour with white striped markings typically along the edge of the leaves. The leaves are dagger-like in shape with white fibres instead of teeth growing along the margins, but all end with a sharp tip.

Flowers grow on a stalk up to 2m tall, typically pink in colour.

Half hardy down to around -8°C.