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Agave Bracteosa - 10 Seeds - Squid Agave / Spider Agave

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Agave Bracteosa - Squid Agave / Spider Agave

10 Seeds

Sometimes called the ‘spider Agave’ or ‘squid Agave’ for the shape of its leaves, this small agave is native to the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains of Mexico.

Reaching up to 30cm tall and 45cm in spread, the leaves of this agave are spineless, long and lance-shaped. Leaves can reach up to 70cm long and appear as a rosette, with a few upright leaves that curve down, away from the centre of the plant, giving it a fountain-like shape.

Flowers appear once the plant has matured and blooms in early summer, with white-yellow flowers appearing at the head of a flower stalk reaching 1.5m tall, resembling a bottlebrush in shape.

Enjoys well draining soil, and prefers full sun although it will tolerate light shade.

Hardy down to -15°C if kept dry over winter months.