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Succulent Seeds

Succulents are a large group of plants typically with fleshy leaves, that help store water for the plants. Like Cacti and Pachycauls, many have distinct wet growing and dry dormant seasons.

Succulent Seeds
Beaucarnea Gracilis - 50 Seeds - Mexican Pony Tail Palm

Beaucarnea Gracilis - Mexican Pony Tail Palm / SotolinPacks of 50 SeedsBeaucarnea gracilis is a nati..


Aloe Vera - 10 Seeds - Medicinal Aloe Succulent ( Barbardensis )

Aloe Vera - Medicinal Succulent10 SeedsAloe Vera is a clump forming succulent, with its origins unkn..


Agave Angustifolia v Marginata - 10 Seeds - Variegated Caribbean Agave

Agave Angustifolia v MarginataVariegated Caribbean Agave10 Seeds Agave Angustifolia v Marginata..


Aloinopsis Malherbei - 50 Seeds - Giant Jewel plant Mesembryanthemum

Aloinopsis Malherbei - Giant Jewel plant Mesembryanthemum50  SeedsAloinopsis Malherbei is a per..


Mesembryanthemum Crystallinum - 100 Seeds - Crystalline Ice Plant Succulent

Mesembryanthemum Crystallinum - Crystalline Ice Plant100 SeedsThe Ice Plant is a very unusual lookin..


Gibbaeum Petrense - 15 Seeds - South African Mesembryanthemum Succulent

Gibbaeum Petrense  - Mesembryanthemum Succulent15 SeedsA native to the Little Karoo region of S..


Aloe Thraskii - 10 Seeds - Dune Aloe

Aloe Thraskii - Dune Aloe10 SeedsAlso known as the Dune Aloe, this fast-growing Aloe is native to th..


Carpobrotus Rossii - 15 Seeds - Australian Succulent Ice Plant / Pigface Mesemb

Carpobrotus RossiiAustralian Succulent Ice Plant / Pigface Mesemb15 SeedsCarpobrotus Rossii is a suc..


Agave Kerchovei - 10 Seeds - Century Plant - Maguey Agave

Agave Kerchovei - Maguey Agave10 SeedsA native to Mexico, this agave’s leaves are edged with sharp s..


Agave Maximiliana - 50 Seeds - Mexican Succulent Maximilian

Agave Maximiliana50 SeedsNative to Central Mexico, this agave grows at moderate to high elevation in..


Vanheerdea Divergens - 15 Seeds - South African Mesembryanthemum Succulent

Vanheerdea Divergens - Mesembryanthemum Succulent15  SeedsNative to South Africa, this perennia..


Pachypodium Saundersii - 6 Seeds - African Succulent

Pachypodium Saundersii - African Succulent6 SeedsPachypodium Saundersii, is an unusual species in it..


Monilaria Moniliforme 100 Seeds - South African Succulent Mesembryanthemum

Monilaria MoniliformeSouth African Succulent Mesembryanthemum100 SeedsMonilaria Moniliforme  is..


Euphorbia Grandicornis - 10 Seeds - Rhino Thorn Succulent

Euphorbia Grandicornis10 SeedsThis very decorative andunusual variety of Euphorbia, also known as Rh..


Agave Americana ssp Americana - 10 Seeds - Century Plant

Agave Americana ssp Americana - Century Plant10 SeedsAgave Americana ssp Americana is a native to Me..


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