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Succulent Seeds

Succulents are a large group of plants typically with fleshy leaves, that help store water for the plants. Like Cacti and Pachycauls, many have distinct wet growing and dry dormant seasons.

Succulent Seeds
Aloe Microstigma - 10 Seeds - African Succulent

Aloe Microstigma - Succulent10 SeedsAloe Microstigma is probably one of the best flowering Aloes. a ..


Euphorbia Zoutpansbergensis - 10 Seeds - South Africa Succulent

Euphorbia Zoutpansbergensis10 SeedsA tree like branching succulent from southern Africa, Euphorbia Z..


Pachypodium Geayi - 50 Seeds - Succulent of Madagascar

Pachypodium Geayi - Madagascar succulent50 SeedsThis truly original succulent comes from the island ..


Aloe Plicatilis Seeds - Fan Aloe Succulent

Aloe PlicatilisFan Aloe Succulent5 SeedsThis very unusual Aloe from the Western Cape of South Africa..


Lachenalia Elegens v Elegens - 10 Seeds - Cape Hyacinth

Lachenalia Elegens v Elegens - Cape Hyacinth10 SeedsLachenalia Elegens v Elegens is a bulb forming n..


Aeonium Haworthii - 25 Seeds - Haworths Aeonium Pinwheel

Aeonium Haworthii - Haworths Aeonium Pinwheel25 SeedsAeonium Haworthii is a succulent plant native t..


Aeonium Undulatum - 25 Seeds - Canary Islands Saucer Plant

Aeonium UndulatumCanary Islands Saucer Plant25 SeedsAeonium Undulatum is an evergreen succulent nati..


Agave Marmorata - 50 Seeds - Century Plant - Maguey tepeztate

Agave Marmorata50 SeedsNative to Mexico, Agave Marmorata is named for the grey, marble-like zones th..


Dorotheanthus Bellidiformis - 4000+ Seeds - Livingstone Daisy

Dorotheanthus Bellidiformis(Mesembryanthemum Criniflorum)'Livingstone Daisy' - 'Magic Carpet Mix'400..


Aloe Parvibracteata - 10 Seeds - South African Succullent

Aloe Parvibracteata10 SeedsThis African Succulent forms a compact flattened rosette,  20 - 40 c..


Tylecodon Paniculatus - 10 Seeds - Pachycaul Suculent

Tylecodon Paniculatus 'Butter Tree' - Pachycaul Suculent10 SeedsThis unusual succulent is a native t..


Euphorbia Enopla - 10 Seeds - South African Pincushion Succulent

Euphorbia Enopla South African Pincushion Succulent10 SeedsThis many branched succulent grows to aro..


Dioscorea Testudinaria Elephantipes - 30 Seeds - Caudex Succulent

Dioscorea Elephantipes - Elephants Foot Yam (Testudinaria Elephantipes)30 SeedsDioscorea Elephantipe..


Kalanchoe Tubiflora - 20 Seeds - Bryophyllum chandeli Plant / Mother of Millions

Kalanchoe Tubiflora(Bryophyllum Tubiflora) - Mother of Millions.20 SeedsPLEASE NOTE, this listing is..


Monilaria Moniliforme 15 Seeds - South African Succulent Mesembryanthemum

Monilaria MoniliformeSouth African Succulent Mesembryanthemum15 SeedsMonilaria Moniliforme  is ..


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