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Succulent Seeds

Succulents are a large group of plants typically with fleshy leaves, that help store water for the plants. Like Cacti and Pachycauls, many have distinct wet growing and dry dormant seasons.

Succulent Seeds
Gibbaeum Petrense - 15 Seeds - South African Mesembryanthemum Succulent

Gibbaeum Petrense  - Mesembryanthemum Succulent15 SeedsA native to the Little Karoo region of S..


Adansonia Madagascariensis - 5 Seeds - Madagascar Baobab Tree

Adansonia Madagascariensis - Baobab Tree - Excellent Bonsai!!5 SeedsThis Madagascan tree, also known..


Euphorbia Handiensis - 10 Seeds - Jandía Spurge

Euphorbia Handiensis  - Jandía Spurge10 SeedsE. Handiensis is a native of the Canary Islands, a..


Cheiridopsis Denticulata - 15 Seeds - Mesembryanthemum Succulent

Cheiridopsis Denticulata15 SeedsA smaller succulent native to the Cape Province of South Africa, par..


Vanheerdea Divergens - 100 Seeds - South African Mesembryanthemum Succulent

Vanheerdea Divergens - Mesembryanthemum Succulent100  SeedsNative to South Africa, this perenni..


Aeonium Tabuliforme - 25 Seeds - Flat Topped Saucer Plant

Aeonium Tabuliforme - Saucer plant25 SeedsAeonium Tabuliforme is a short lived perennial species of ..


Aeonium Ciliatum - 25 Seeds - Saucer Plant Succulent

Aeonium Ciliatum - Saucer Plant25 SeedsAeonium Ciliatum is a taller growing species native to Teneri..


Aloe Thraskii - 10 Seeds - Dune Aloe

Aloe Thraskii - Dune Aloe10 SeedsAlso known as the Dune Aloe, this fast-growing Aloe is native to th..


Pachypodium Mikea Seeds - Madagascar Pachycaul Succulent

Pachypodium Mikea - Madagascar Pachycaul5 SeedsPachypodium Mikea is  a native to Madagascar, fo..


Dasylirion Texanum - 10 Seeds - Sotol

Dasylirion Texanum - Sotol Succulent Shrub10 seedsDasylirion Texanum is a Mexican evergreen shrub, w..


Pachypodium Lamerei var Ramosum - 10 Seeds - Succulent of Madagascar

Pachypodium Lamerei var RamosumMadagascar succulent10 SeedsThis truly original succulent comes from ..


Aloe Rauhii - 10 Seeds - Madagascar Succulent

Aloe Rauhii10 SeedsEndemic to Madagascar, this mottle-leaved aloe is known as the Snowflake Aloe and..


Pachypodium Eburneum - 5 Seeds - Succulent of Madagascar

Pachypodium Eburneum - Madagascar Pachycaul Succulent5 SeedsPachypodium Eburneum is found in a small..


Aloinopsis Malherbei - 50 Seeds - Giant Jewel plant Mesembryanthemum

Aloinopsis Malherbei - Giant Jewel plant Mesembryanthemum50  SeedsAloinopsis Malherbei is a per..


Adansonia Za - 5 Seeds - Madagascar Baobab Tree

Adansonia Za - Madagascan Baobab Tree5 SeedsAdansonia Za is a large Baobab tree native and  wid..


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