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Strombocactus Disciformis sp. Disciformis - 10 Seeds - Mexican Cactus Cacti

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Strombocactus Disciformis subsp. Disciformis

10 Seeds

The only species of its genus, the Strombocactus is a rare cactus natively from Central and Northeast Mexico. Its name is given because of the shape of its trunk- ‘strombo’ meaning ‘fir cone’ in Green.

This cactus can reach up to around 20cm tall in later years and around 9cm across, with a somewhat flat body. The body itself is textured with tubercles arranged in a spiral, which jut out around 1.5cm long. Spines grow from the apex of each tubercle, up to 2cm long, typically around 4 or 5 out of each growing point.

The flower grows from the somewhat depressed crown and can reach around 3.5cm in both length and breadth. Petals are cream coloured, occasionally with pinkish spots on the petals or throat, with a white and yellow eye. Blooms typically emerge in early spring and continue to be produced all through summer, staying open for days at a time.

Requires strong, direct sun to promote healthy growth and infrequent watering so the Strombocactus retains its flat shape. As with other cactuses, reduce watering significantly during the winter dormancy.

Frost tender to around -5°C for short periods of time.