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Stridolo - Silene Inflata - 500 Seeds - Stridolo / Sculpit / Bladder Campion

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Silene Inflata - Stridolo / Sculpit / Bladder Campion

500 Seeds

Known as Stridolo or Sculpit in Northern Italy, Silene Inflata is native to Europe and used as a culinary herb throughout the Mediterranean.

Reaching up to around 60cm tall with ovate leaves around 8cm long. Leaves are famously used to flavour risotto and pasta dishes, soups, and salads. Young shoots are also edible and used in a similar fashion, with a light, somewhat peppery flavour similar to tarragon or rocket.

The flowers are white, around 2cm across, with five petals affixed to an inflated calyx best known as the 'bladder'.  Flowers bloom throughout the summer months and are delicately scented during the evenings.

Leaves reach maturity in 45 days, though young leaves and shoots can also be picked.

Fully hardy to -15°C.