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Sorbus Aucuparia - 50 Seeds - Rowan Tree / Mountain Ash Tree

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Sorbus Aucuparia - Rowan Tree / Mountain Ash Tree

50 Seeds

Native across Europe but commonly found across parts of Asia and northern Africa, the rowan tree reaches between 5-15m tall with slender trunks that crack as they age. Leaves reach up to 20cm long, arranged alternately, dark green on top and felted with grayish fuzz on the underside.

Blooms appear from midsummer to early autumn as yellow-white corymbs that often contain up to 250 flowers, around 1cm in diameter each. Its fruits are bright orange to red when mature, enjoyed by birds.

The fruit can be cooked to debitter them, and made into jelly, chutneys or other side items, and the wood is used in woodcarving.

Fully hardy down to -20°C.