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Senna Alata - 25 Seeds - Candle Bush

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Senna Alata - Candle Bush

25 Seeds

Better known as the 'ringworm bush' or 'candle bush', this shrub is native to Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil, used as a medicinal plant in its native habitat.

Reaching up to 4m tall, it has alternately arranged leaves, between 50-80cm long, have rounded tips.  Flowers blossom in clusters up to 60cm long on hairy stalks that grow from leaf axils or stem tips. Flowers are yellow, with 5 petals, and blossom from May to November.

The bark of the shrub is used as a fish poison, and leaves are ground into a fungicidal paste effective at treating ringworm and other infections.

Enjoys a well draining soil and to be kept moist, as well as full sun.

Half hardy down to around -5°C.