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Senecio (Kleinia) Mandraliscae - 20 Seeds - Blue Finger Succulent

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Senecio (Kleinia) Mandraliscae - Blue Finger Succulent

20 Seeds

Native to South Africa, this Senecio grows up to 30-40cm tall and up to 60cm or more wide with trailing stems.

Its leaves are up to 15cm long, cylindrical and pencil-like in shape, around 1cm in diameter. Leaves are green-grey, slightly hairy or powdery to touch. In warm climates and full sun, leaves will appear more blue in colour.

Flowers bloom during the summer growing months, appearing in panicles of 10-25 small, white flower heads.

Requires full sun to thrive, and a well draining, rich soil.

Very frost tender and should not be kept below 5°C. Ideal temperatures are 10°C and above.