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Schotia Brachypetala - 8 Seeds - Weeping Boer Bean - Drunken Parrot Tree - Tree Fuschia

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Schotia Brachypetala - Weeping Boer Bean
Drunken Parrot Tree - Tree Fuschia
8 Seeds

Schotia Brachypetala is a native of the southern, sub-tropical parts of Africa. Commonly known locally as the Weeping Boer Bean Tree, it has several other common names and is known my the Drunken Parrot Tree and the Tree Fuschia, and is widely cultivated in parks and gardens, and a common street tree in Australia.

It is a beautiful tree with a wide canopy, filled with masses of bright red flowers, which attract nectar loving birds and insects. Its bark can also be used as a red dye.

Quick growing, it can reach 4 meters or more in the first 5 years given optimal conditions, preferring a well drained good quality soil, it does well in poor soils also.

Grows to a height of between 5 to 15 meters tall.

Evergreen in warmer areas, though will drop its leaves in cooler climates.
Minimum temperature -5°C, but young trees may need protection at this temperature.