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Schinus Molle - 20 Seeds - Peruvian Peppertree

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Schinus Molle - Peruvian Peppertree

20 Seeds

An evergreen tree native to South America that can reach up to 15m tall and the largest of its species! The bark is grey-brown and scaled, with branches initially smooth and eventually turning brown and somewhat hairy as they mature. Leaves are pinnate, up to 25cm long and growing in a series of up to 40 leaflets.

Male and female flowers occur on separate plants but are both small and white, fairly insignificant but growing in panicles at the end of branches.

Dried and roasted berries are used as a pepper substitute, and the fruits are also used to make syrup or drinks. Please note that the fruit and leaves are considered toxic to poultry and some livestock.

Fully hardy to -20°C.