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Satureja Hortensis - 2000 Seeds - Herb Summer Savory

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Satureja Hortensis - Herb Summer Savory

2000 Seeds

Native to southern Europe and Turkey, Summer Savory is an annual grown widely around the world. Reaching up to 30cm tall with a heavily branched stem. Both stem and leaves are slightly hairy, with lanceolate leaves around 4cm long and aromatic. Flowers appear during summer months, in small clusters of white-purple flowers around 1cm in diameter. Flowers grow in clusters of 5-15.

Leaves are used mostly for culinary purposes, typically as a flavouring or a garnish. Summer Savory is also well known as an ingredient of herbes de Provence. A herbal tea can also be made from the leaves, with a slightly peppery flavour somewhat similar to thyme. The leaves can also be used to help with digestion and aid bee stings.

Flowers are highly attractive to bees!

Frost tender.