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Rosa Rubiginosa - 50 Seeds - Sweet Briar/Eglantine Rose

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Rosa Rubiginosa - Sweet Briar/Eglantine Rose

50 Seeds

Native to Europe and western Asia, this sweetly scented rose reaches up to around 3m tall with ovate leaves up to 10cm long, somewhat hairy with serrated margins. Flowers appear during the summer months, around 3cm across, pink with white a white base. The branches have small curved thorns - be careful handling these ones!

The leaves have an apple-like scent when crushed or brushed against, making rainy days smell wonderful!

Red fruits called 'hips' around 2cm across appear from early autumn on and can be made into a syrup or brewed into teas. One cup of rosehip tea has an adult's recommended daily vitamin C intake!

Hardy to -10°C.