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Pycnanthemum Pilosum - 500 Seeds - American Mountain Mint

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Pycnanthemum Pilosum
American Mountain Mint

500 Seeds

Pycnanthemum Pilosum (American mountain mint) is a clump-forming perennial that typically grows 50 to 100 cm tall. It is native to the USA.

Produces clusters of  small, two-lipped, white flowers with purple spotting in mid to late summer.

Aromatic, the floral-peppermint scent is subtly different from other mints.
Can be used as an ingredient in natural insect repellent.

Mountain mint is edible and excellent in salads. Raw or cooked the flower buds and leaves have a spicy, mint-like flavour that makes a great spice or seasoning for meat. The fresh or dried leaves are brewed into a delicious mint-like tea.

Valued for their ability to attract bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects.

Grows to a height and spread of around 1 meter.

Fully hardy to -15°C