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Psorothamnus ( Dalea ) Spinosa - 25 Seeds - Smoke Tree

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Psorothamnus ( Dalea ) Spinosa - Smoke Tree

25 Seeds

Psorothamnus spinosus is a desert shrub, native to Mexico and the south western states of the USA. The stems of this shrub, are densely covered with fine whitish hairs (giving it its common name of 'Smoke Tree').

It produces terminal spikes of blue/violet flowers from late spring to early summer, and is renowned as an important source of a locally produced honey with excelent flavour!

Can grow to a maximum height of around 3 to 6 meters and a spread of around 4 meters.

Reportedly hardy down to around -5°C though likes to be  dry in winter, it enjoys plenty of water in the growing season.