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Protea Repens 'White' Seeds - Cape Honey Flower Protea

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Protea Repens 'White'

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Also known as the 'sugar bush' or the Cape honey flower, Protea Repens is probably one of the better known species of the genus, and was the national flower of South Africa until 1976.

Native to South Africa, this Protea grows along the South West to the Eastern part of the Cape, typically along flats and lower mountain slopes. Called the 'true sugarbush', during the Dutch occupation of the Cape the nectar of this Protea was collected and reduced into a syrup known as 'bossiestroop'.

This is a sturdy, dense shrub, 1-4 m tall, with linear hairless leaves and fairly large, white, oblong flowers, either during summer or winter, depending on the variant. An evergreen shrub,  the plant can reach up to 2.5m in both height and spread at full maturity.

Leaves are slender, linear in shaped, and somewhat leathery to the touch, reaching up to around 13cm long. Stems are hairless.

Flowers are cone shaped, with sharply pointed outer bracts. Flowers can range from deep red to pink, turning brown if they are not removed from the plant. Blooms appear during the winter in the Western Cape, and during summer in the Eastern Cape. Very popular with birds and insects!

Requires full sun and a light, well draining soil to thrive. Protea repens also prefers an acidic soil.

Half hardy down to -4°C.