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Pinguicula Grandiflora - 15 Seeds - Carnivorous Butterwort Plant

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Pinguicula Grandiflora - Carnivorous Butterwort Plant
2022 Harvest

15 Seeds

Pinguicula Grandiflora is a temperate insectivorous plant with flat light green sticky leaves, used to trap insects.

During the summer, it produces deep purple 5 petaled flowers, around 4 cm in diameter, larger than most other Pinguicula species (hence its name, Grandiflora) Likes to grow in partial shade, and as with all carnivorous plants  rainwater ONLY should be used, and a sphagnum moss peat based compost.

During winter, the leaves will die back an the plant will for a small winter resting bud (hibernacula).

Hardy to -10 to -20°C.