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Philodendron Bipinnatifidum / Selloum -10 Seeds

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Philodendron Bipinnatifidum - Great Foliage Houseplant

10 Seeds

The Tree Philodendron also known as the Cutleaf or Splitleaf Philodendron,  has dark green, glossy, heavily serrated and ruffled, leaves up 90cm in length, with prominent veins and long arching stems. It originates from the rainforests of northen Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and south eastern Brazil where, unlike most other philodendrons it grows as a woody shrub.

Tree Philodendron does best in dappled or partial shade, but not in direct sun so makes a great houseplant.
It prefers winter temperatures above 12°C and growing season temperatures around 20-25°C, however Tree Philodendron is tough when well established and will survive much colder temperatures and recover from mild frost damage.