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Pea Petit Pois 'Petit Provencal' - 200 Seeds - Pisum Sativum

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Petit Pois Pea 'Petit Provencal' - Pisum Sativum

200 Seeds

Annuals that have been used since Antiquity, the pea plant is a typically vining plant that requires a stake to support it. Both the fruits and the shoots are edible, and can be eaten on their own or in stews and soups. Shoots and leaftips are stirfried in Chinese cuisine, and vegan alternatives such as pea milk and meat substitutes can be made from the peas.

The 'Petit Provencal' variety is a traditional French pea that produces small and sweet fruits. Stems grow to around 40-50cm tall and bear pods around 8cm long. Peas can be picked as soon as 50-60 days after sowing.