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Thrinax Radiata - 20 Seeds - Florida Thatch Palm

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Thrinax Radiata - 20 Seeds - Florida Thatch Palm
20 Seeds

Also known as the Florida Thatch Palm, Thrinax Radiata is native to Central America, southern Florida and the Caribbean islands. Highly salt tolerant, it grows along the coast in the wild in scrublands, and can occasionally be found in pinelands and forests as well.

A slow grower, this palm can reach heights of between 3-6m. Its fan-shaped leaves can reach to 1.2m across, growing in fronds that collectively form a dense canopy. The trunk is slender and grey with leaf stalks remaining attached, so older specimens have a rough and sometimes matted looking trunk.

In spring, large showy white flowers will bloom. Flowers can reach up to 1m long!    Palms as short as 1.8m will begin flowering.

Thrives best in well-draining soil, preferably chalky, kept moist while growing and drier during winter. Enjoys full sun to partial shade and a humid temperature.

Frost tender but can cope with down to -2C when fully established.