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Cordyline Australis - 50 Seeds - New Zealand Cabbage Palm

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Cordyline Australis

20 Seeds

Known as the 'cabbage palm' or 'cabbage tree', this long-lived palm is endemic to New Zealand and has been widely cultivated across Northwest Europe. It is grown sow widely in the south of the British Isles that is has become known in some areas as the 'Cornish Palm'.

Reaching up to 20m tall, the leaves can be up to 1m long. Leaves grow in a rosette at the very top of the trunk, sword-like in shape. Tree trunks often become multi-branched to produce many rosettes.

Flowers appear on mature palms, on large racemes that can grow even longer than the leaf crowns. Blooms are white and deeply scented and highly attractive to bees. Flowers from early to mid summer.

Half hardy to -5°C, but can tolerate down to -10°C for short periods, especially after developing a woody trunk.