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Chamaerops Humilis - 10 Seeds - Mediterranean Fan Palm

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Chamaerops Humilis - 10 Seeds - Mediterranean Fan Palm

10 Seeds

The European or Mediterranean fan palm is the northernmost naturally occurring palm in the world, and one of the more cold-hardy palms. Typically found in southwestern Europe, it can also be located in the southern Mediterranean coast of France and Monaco, as well as northwest Africa.

A clumping palm, several stems typically grow from a single base. As well as having an underground rhizome, the Chamaerops also sends up suckers to create a large amount of plants in one area.

Stems grow slowly, reaching heights of up to 5m tall and a trunk diameter of around 25cm. Leaves are fan shaped, bluish-green, and can reach up to 1m long when mature. Leaf stems are covered with spines, so be careful when handling.

Yellow flowers appear as panicles, around 30cm long, blooming from spring to summer. Plants are typically dioecious, and numbers of flowers per inflorescence is variable for both male and female plants. Fruits are a orange-brown when ripe, typically during autumn, and not suitable for consumption.

Enjoys full sun and a well draining soil mix. Once mature, this palm is fairly drought tolerant.

Hardy to around -10°C once established, but prefers hot summers.