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Pachypodium Geayi - 10 Seeds - Succulent of Madagascar

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Pachypodium Geayi - Madagascar succulent

10 Seeds

This truly original succulent comes from the island of Madagascar off the East coast of Mozambique. Madagascar has evolved on its own for millions of years, even its dinosaur fossils are found nowhere else.

This succulent is no exception, growing to a height of around 6 meters, it forms a stout trunk lined with many groups of 3 spines. The growing tip produces the lance shaped leaves which can grow to around 40 cm in length.

Branching when older, Pacypodium Geayi produces clusters of creamy white, yellow throated flowers around, 10 cm across.  Very similar in appearance to P Lamerei, It is often confused with that more common plant, but distinguished by having thinner leaves accented with a prominent midrib of a different color than the rest of the leaf.

A must have plant for the succulent collection.

Likes full sun, a well drained soil, and left dry in the winter, when it will shed its leaves. Keep above 10°C.