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Oryza Sativa 'Black Madras' - 50 Seeds - Ornamental Rice

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Oryza Sativa
Black Madras Rice

50 Seeds

Best known simply as rice and originating from China, this ornamental annual has stunning green-purple leaves that makes it a wonderful border to any garden.

Reaching up to 40cm tall, each leaf can grow to the full length, with a spread of around 25cm. Leaves appear in a fountain shape, growing upright and spreading away from the centre of the plant.

Flowers from late summer onwards, on stalks growing up to 45cm long.

Enjoys full fun and a soil that holds moisture, requiring plenty of water to flourish, and can grow while fully submerged in water.

Frost tender, preferring to grow between 20-30°C. Temperatures below 10°C causes growth to stop.