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Chlorophytum Saundersiae - 20 Seeds - Weeping Anthericum / Weeping Spider Plant

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Chlorophytum Saundersiae
Weeping Anthericum / Weeping Spider Plant

20 Seeds

Native to parts of the Eastern Cape of South Africa and KwaZulu-Natal, this clumping perennial reaches up to 1m tall to create a sea of graceful, weeping grass-like plants.

Leaves form a basal rosette, lanceolate and gradually tapering, light green in colour and sometimes variegated. The infloresence is a crowded raceme of small white, star-shaped flowers, which grows on long drooping stalks. Flowers bloom from late summer.

Attractive to bees and butterflies! Some pet owners may find that cats in particular like to eat the leaves to aid digestion.

Half hardy down to around -5°C.