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Carex Pendula - 100 Seeds - Pendulous Weeping sedge

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Carex Pendula - Pendulous or Weeping sedge

100 Seeds

Carex Pendula is a large perennial sedge grass, native to western, central and southern parts of Europe. It occurs in woodland, scrubland, hedges and beside streams, preferring damp,heavy clay soils. It is sometimes grown as a garden plant because of its distinctive appearance.

It forms large, dense tufts of long lance shaped leaves, and can grow up to 2 metres, though often smaller. The smooth stems are triangular in cross-section with rounded angles. The simple flowers are produced on long, drooping, catkin-like spikes up to 25 cm long

Grows to an average height of 1-1.5 metres and a spread 0.5-1 metres

Fully hardy to -15°C