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Bambusa Bambos - 50 Seeds - Giant Thorny Bamboo

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Bambusa Bambos - Giant Thorny Bamboo

50 Seeds

Native to southern Asia, this bamboo can reach heights of 30m tall, growing in dense clumps. When young, bamboo culms are bright green, growing darker as they mature. Spines grow from the branch nodes. When mature, sheaths turn dark brown and fall from the bamboo.

The leaves are lance-shaped, up to 30cm long and 2cm broad, with around 10 leaves in each complement.

Bamboo is used for many things ranging from construction to furniture making, to medicinal usage, as well as food. Young shoots can be cooked and eaten as a vegetable, while other parts of the plant have been used to treat issues of the stomach, bones, and general infection.

Frost tender and should be kept above 5-10°C at all times.