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Onion Sets Stuttgarter - 100 Sets - Onions the easy way!

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Onion Sets 'Stuttgarter'

100 Sets

Onions the easy way!

A semi-flat onion with a mild and slightly sweet taste, perfect for using in salads or cooking.

Plant in late winter/early spring for harvesting during August-September.

Plant in a well-draining soil, with the tip of the onion set slightly above soil level. Onions prefer full sun and for soil to be kept moist until the set takes hold, after which watering once a week will suit them. Cut back on watering when the tops start dying back to prevent bulbs from rotting.

Once they have finished sprouting the leaves will turn yellow, you can lift them at this point.

Prolonged cold spells may cause the onion to flower prematurely, keep temperatures stable and do not overwater onions to prevent this.