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Nicotiana Alata 'Crimson Bedder' - 25,000 Seeds - Fragrant Tobacco

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Nicotiana Alata 'Crimson Bedder' - Fragrant Tobacco

25,000 Seeds

Nicotiana Alata is a short lived perennial, usually grown as an annual, originally native to Brazil and Argentina, now widespread.

It produces long spoon shapeed leaves, up to 25 cm in length. The 'Crimson Bedder' variety has tall spikes of tubular, red flowers, which are highly fragrant. Flowers are  about 5cm in diameter with a black eye, and five pointed petals that release their scent in the evenings.

Grows to a height of around 1.5 meters and a spread of around 30 cm.

If grown as a perennial, can withstand temperatures down to freezing.