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Nepenthes Ampullaria - 15 Seeds - Tropical Pitcher Carnivorous Plant

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Nepenthes Ampullaria
Carnivorous Pitcher Plant

15 Seeds

A very distinct pitcher plant native across Borneo, Singapore, Thailand and other tropical Asian countries, Nepenthes Ampullaria plants canclimb up to 15m tall. Leaves are a light green, up to 25cm long, producing small pitchers from the end of the leaves on tendrils.

These pitchers have evolved to collect leaf litter instead of insects and as a result have only small peristomes and very small lids. Pitchers rarely exceed 10cm in height and 7cm in width, with younger pitchers covered in short brown hairs that are lost are they mature. Pitchers are generally long lasting as they rely on a slow nutrient absorption over time.

Pitchers range in colour from light green to a deep red, with many forms recorded.

Frost tender, keep above 10C.